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Using InterBase And Delphi, Bulgarian Firm "BSoft"

Helps Industry Leaders Keep Operations Flowing

Using InterBase and Delphi, Bulgarian software company Bonev Soft (BSoft) has made financial management and tax payments painless for the country's industry leaders for over 20 years.

It’s often said that nothing is certain except two things, and one of them is taxes. There’s another near-certainty, however, that can be cited with equal confidence: when tax deadlines loom these two certainties can feel the same. But that’s not the case for BSoft’s more than 5,000 customers in Bulgaria and worldwide.

Case Study: Bonev Soft (BSoft)

Bonev Soft Auditing Ltd. (BSoft) is one of the biggest accounting software companies in Bulgaria. It’s the software maker the country’s industry leaders turn to for accounting and financial management systems that will keep their operations flowing smoothly.

BSoft’s flagship software, AJUR®, is an integrated management system for Windows very popular with government and non-government organizations in Bulgaria and around the world, across a number of vertical industries – from manufacturing and financial services through to power generation. More than 5,000 BSoft customers use AJUR to provide financial reports to tax authorities and various other stakeholders, and closely manage their supply chains. Among them are many of Bulgaria’s industry leaders.

Who Are BSoft's Customers?

Overgas Holding

Overgas Holding is a majority shareholder in Bulgaria’s leading natural gas provider Overgas Inc., and has over 40 companies in its portfolio. The company also conducts pre-feasibility and investment studies for gas projects, and builds turnkey gas mains, distribution networks and heat supply systems.

Synergon Holding

Synergon is another Bulgarian holding company with major investments in energy, and is among the ten largest holding structures in Bulgaria, representing the interestes of more than 160,000 shareholders. Synergon is also involved in food processing, tourism, construction, trade and services.


Cargill is a US food and agriculture company with 155,000 employees in over 70 countries. It is also the largest privately held US company in terms of revenue ($114.7 billion in 2018). Cargill has been in Bulgaria since 2006, focused on grains and oilseeds merchandising, and employs over 1,400 nationwide. Cargill Bulgaria is a BSoft customer.

Armeets Concert Hall & Sports Arena

Located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, Armeets is a multipurpose indoor arena with room for just under 18,000 spectators. Since its opening in 2011 it has hosted over 30 types of sports competitions and Olympics events, concerts by renowned artists, and the Cirque du Soleil.

What Were BSoft's Challenges Before InterBase?

BSoft first developed AJUR in 1990 as a DOS-based accounting system. Over time it added warehousing software using dBase as the database management system. Unfortunately, dBase proved inadequate as it wasn’t able to cope with big data volumes, says Valentin Bonev, Managing Partner, Project Manager and CIO of BSoft. “The speed of access wasn’t fast enough and there were concerns about information security.”

“We needed to find a scalable solution that could help streamline administration functions and ultimately save costs. We evaluated many database technologies and InterBase had the right mix of ease of use, speed, high performance and scalability for our needs”

– Valentin Bonev, Managing Partner and CIO, BSoft

BSoft subsequently chose InterBase. “We evaluated many database technologies and InterBase had the right mix of ease of use, speed, high performance and scalability for our needs,” Bonev explains.

“Being able to scale a database engine in response to customer requirements in terms of cost of installation and ownership and user count was especially critical given that their operations can range anywhere from one or two users into the hundreds”

– Valentin Bonev, Managing Partner and CIO, BSoft

According to Bonev, database management and administration were also labour and time intensive, leading to additional project costs. As a software vendor with a distributed customer base, having a solution that required minimal administration meant BSoft could potentially pass on considerable cost savings to its customers, he adds.

“By reducing the support overhead we require we have saved thousands of dollars a year in staffing and can provide better customer service and experience. InterBase’s tiny footprint has also made it easy to use with AJUR even on the oldest of customers’ hardware.”

– Valentin Bonev, Managing Partner and CIO, BSoft

InterBase also enables real-time access to secure data. The InterBase Server comes with powerful encryption and disaster recovery capabilities, including point-in-time data recovery, to enable data continuity even in the case of server failure.

Bonev notes that security and reliability are critical to AJUR’s success in the market. “InterBase has played a very significant role in AJUR’s development and our reputation for being one of the most reliable accounting and enterprise resource planning solution globally.”

What Were BSoft's Wins With Delphi And InterBase?

Flagship product has evolved into a fully integrated business management and intelligence tool

BSoft can scale to unlimited number of users while reducing support overhead

Faster software, new mobile & online capabilities to meet evolving market demands

BSoft continues to reap added benefits each time InterBase introduces new features. Bonev believes that with InterBase, BSoft has the capability to scale to an unlimited number of users. “We’re continuously evolving in tune with changing customer requirements and at pace with wider technological developments. We are working on increasing the software speed and adding capabilities for online connections to e-stores, smart apps and services related to mobile devices to make it a truly next generation product. The great thing is that InterBase is already on the platforms we want to reach, including Android and iOS, which vastly reduces our effort in reaching them.”

“This solution has enabled us to transition AJUR from a finance and accounting offering to a fully integrated suite of finance and accounting, sales management, supply chain management, analysis and business intelligence products.”

– Valentin Bonev, Managing Partner and CIO, BSoft

BSoft is currently using InterBase to develop a 64-bit version of AJUR. This will provide customers access to more memory and speed up data analysis for more complex and large volume databases.

“It will work much faster and process bigger amounts of data at the same time,” Bonev explains. “We’re already planning new functionality based on mobile devices and online access for customers.”

InterBase® is a full-featured, high performance, ultrafast, encryptable, scalable, relational and embeddable multi-platform SQL database with multi-dimensional data security, disaster recovery and change synchronization for developers who want to embed a low-cost, zero-admin, secure database into their cross-platform connected applications.

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