Would You Find

InterBase® on Mars?

Sometimes There's Simply No Room For Error...

When you’re exploring the universe you can’t use just any database.

No one likes unreliable data, or a database that won’t hold its own if things go south.

But in an imperfect world, every system operates within the boundaries of tolerable risk of failure.


There are cases, however, when there is simply no room for error.

The system responsible for delivering the crucial data for the right decisions needs to work, period.


Lives may depend on it. Literally.

Where Would You Find InterBase?

That’s why you’re likely to find InterBase® installed not just on desktops and smartphones,

or in server rooms, but also deployed and embedded in unexpected places. 

Places where system integrity, data security and quick disaster recovery are critical.

Our customers are in industries that employ bleeding-edge technologies in devices and systems

that need to function without fail in adverse conditions and isolated environments.

So you’ll find InterBase in…

passenger transport

energy and renewables

industrial automation..

cargo transport and logistics

medical technology

oil and gas facilities

…and tens of thousands of vending machines around the world…

…okay, vending machines are not exactly “mission-critical”,

but they do need to operate independently for long periods of time.

Meanwhile, Latin America’s largest logistics company relies on InterBase® (as part of its business-critical logistics software built with Delphi) to track activities and respond to growing demand without scaling infrastructure costs.

Why Is This?

Why is InterBase® so often used in situations where:

1) the resilience of the overall system is absolutely critical, and 

2) there are no database administrators monitoring the system round the clock?


InterBase® is designed for resilience. It’s built to run to remote locations,

operate on its own embedded in independent devices and vehicles,

without supervision, and able to recover quickly and fully even in the worst situations.


InterBase® is super-secure database with multiple levels of encryption (including column-level),

role-based data access, near-zero admin requirements, disaster recovery,

and an award-winning feature called ChangeViews 

that makes change tracking so simple you’ll track entire enterprise systems from your smartphone.

“Every release gets faster and faster. It’s so feature rich we can create the extensive database functions we need. InterBase® has allowed us to do pretty much everything we want with a small team.”

InterBase® is a low-footprint, ultrafast, scalable and embeddable relational SQL database

compatible across multiple platforms and languages. That means InterBase goes everywhere,

connects to anything, speaks (nearly) all languages, and will give you a competitive advantage

you didn’t know you could get from a database.


Pricing is anything but astronomical, and will remain down to earth as you scale.

With all these features in place, we would not be surprised

if InterBase® were to end up on Mars.

But wait...

Don't fly to outer space to discover InterBase.

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