InterBase 2020 Update 3 Released !

Easier Change Tracking with ChangeViews™

With InterBase®’s high performance and small size, the application is able to easily meet the demands of our clients. The performance is truly amazing.”

Change Views™ is an IoTA-award winning data synchronization feature of InterBase®, an ultrafast, encryptable, scalable and embeddable multi-platform relational SQL database. Change Views™ improves data security and eases data management workload by answering the question “what data has changed since I last viewed it?

Change Views™ uses the multigenerational architecture of Interbase® to capture changes to data. With Change Views™ there is no performance overhead on existing transactions because it maintains a consistent view of changed data observable by other transactions.

Reduced Network Traffic With Data Subscription

Change Views™ uses a new “subscription based” model, allowing you to “subscribe” to data; once subscribed you are able to ask the database at a later time, spanning connections, for what has changed.

This is a highly cost-effective way to reduce network traffic, mobile data costs and development time when tasked with keeping multiple remote database caches up to date.

InterBase is...

InterBase is Secure


Cross-Platform Encryption
Separate Security Login
Reduced Exposure to Risk
Role-Based User Security
Encrypted Backups

Interbase is Self-Reliant


Independent Operation
Near-Zero Maintenance
Rapid Crash Recovery
Disaster Recovery

InterBase is Resilient


Live Backups
Distinguished Data Dumps
Fast Restores
Write-Ahead Logging
Point-in-Time Recovery


Small Footprint
Fast Install
Faster Data

InterBase is Efficient


Multi-Language Support
Cross-Platform Support
Server Data Storage
Local Data Storage
Single On-Disk Format


Log-Less Replication
Data Change Subscriptions
ChangeViews Data Tracking
Role-Based User Security
Early Fetch Data Deltas



Stored Procedures and Triggers
SQL-Based Performance Monitoring
Open-Standards-Based Database Connectivity
Multi-Gen Architecture/MVCC
Event Alerts

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