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Database Technologies for the Mobile-Enabled Enterprise

InterBase Uses Award-Winning Database Technologies to Deliver Database Solutions For The Enterprises of the Mobile & IoT Era

What Are Database Technologies?

Database technologies encompass a broad range of solutions that store, structure, process and connect information, and make that information accessible for those authorized to use across a range of platforms and the devices that use them.

Which Database Technologies Matter for Today’s Enterprises?

Many enterprises today operate across countries, continents, time zones, cultures and languages, under differing legal and administrative environments, using a variety of devices and platforms.

This creates a series of challenges for the storing, processing, availability and usage of information these enterprises possess. Database technologies today have to address the following key areas to meet the needs of global mobile-enabled enterprises.

InterBase is Secure

Database Technologies for Data Security

With reports about major data breaches and personal information leaks surfacing with growing frequency, the security of data is a top priority for any organization. Data security is a multi-faceted concern whose scope ranges from where data is stored and how it’s encrypted to who has access to what and whether a stolen mobile phone could result in a major security breach.

InterBase and Data Security

InterBase uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure data at the level of fields, rows, columns or the entire database. This sets it apart from many popular databases in the market today that do not have this level of encryption granularity. InterBase security features also include cross-platform encryption between server and clients, and for data at rest; Separate security login that prevents even database developers from viewing sensitive data; Role-based user access and change tracking with the award-winning Change-Views technology; and encrypted backups.

InterBase is Efficient

Database Technologies for Cross-Platform Functionality

The growing reliance on mobile and the onset of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) approaches have made cross-platform functionality one of the most key database technologies at the core of database solutions for enterprises. Databases and the data they contain have to be accessible, consistent and reliably stored across a number of platforms, each with their own protocols.

InterBase and Cross-Platform Functionality

InterBase supports Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux. What’s more, the same data format is used across all these platforms, which means data can easily be moved or copied from one platform to another without requiring testing or data integrity checks. InterBase simply moves freely across all platforms with maximum deployment flexibility.


Database Technologies for Embeddability

In the age of IoT, it is not just smartphones that are part of the operational web of an enterprise, but a host of devices as well. With billions of devices set to join the Internet of Things in the coming years, the size and embedded functionality of a locally-stored database is a vital aspect of how efficient a network of devices can be.

InterBase and Embeddability

In its smallest distribution, InterBase is only a few megabytes. The small on-disk footprint and small in-memory requirements make it ideal for devices requiring a commercial-grade embeddable database engine from laptops to tablets and phones. As InterBase scales with your application, it can take advantage of more powerful servers and can be configured to run fully in memory for blazing fast speed, all with the security of immediately writing to disk thanks to enterprise-grade features like journaling.

InterBase is ideal for ISVs, OEMs and VARs requiring a database that is compact in memory and disk size but without compromising sophisticated features to support business-critical applications.

Database Technologies for Data Processing Speed

How well a database exploits multi-core CPUs to process data and how fast it moves data make up its processing speed. Strong data processing speed is a sign of good database design and programming.

InterBase And Data Processing Speed

InterBase is one of the fastest native databases available. Using its built in symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), InterBase® can take advantage of today’s multi-core CPUs and multi-CPU systems without driving up costs. Performance enhancements and optimizations have been added in a number of areas, such as restoring databases, batch updates, and queries. InterBase® uses a multi-generational architecture providing unique versioning capabilities that result in high data availability for transaction processing and decision support – simultaneously.

In-Memory Speed, Immediate Write Security

Journaling provides the security of immediately writing changes to disk, with the benefits of a full in-memory database system. Journaling can be enabled on a database through a single line of SQL and requires no changes in your application to have them enabled. Journaling is sometimes referred to as write-ahead logging (WAL). Many medical systems around the world rely on InterBase journaling to deliver speed and security to their systems

Database Technologies for Cloud / Local Interoperability

Cloud / Local interoperability is the relationship between data stored locally on a device, and data stored in the cloud. Strong interoperability means data can easily be updated between devices and systems, stored and shared safely with the appropriate access controls.

InterBase and Cloud / Local Interoperability

InterBase allows you to take advantage of the power of the cloud and deploy it in a cloud computing environment so that your application can obtain instant access to resources. You can also keep it local for higher security and higher performance.

Database Technologies for Integration

In a multi-platform, multi-device, local and cloud storage environment, a strong database solution needs integration, which means it needs to support as many programming languages as possible to maximize its deployment and application scope.

InterBase And Integration

InterBase provides close integration with best-of-breed application development tools. It supports all major development paradigms including Java, C, C++, .NET, Delphi and PHP. It integrates closely to C++Builder, RAD Studio, and Delphi so that when you deploy your RAD projects to any platform, InterBase® will automatically deploy with it. If you are a Visual Studio developer you can work with InterBase® via the ADO. NET or ODBC connectors for easy access to your data.

InterBase is Resilient

Database Technologies for Resilience

A resilient database is 1) easy to manage, with efficient change tracking, and 2) quick to recover from a crash or disaster event. A resilient database not only guarantees data integrity and safety from unexpected events, it can also be reliably deployed in extreme locations where dependability is a mission-critical requirement.

InterBase And Database Resilience

Unlike many databases that require expensive support and maintenance, InterBase requires no administration. Simple installation and tiny footprint make InterBase an incredible database to embed in your applications.

The InterBase server installer can be quietly embedded into your own installer or run manually as part of your installation. InterBase can be installed in seconds, and unlike some databases, it doesn’t require a three-day training course just to set up a blank database.

When it comes to InterBase ToGo, no installation is required! Just deploy the InterBase libraries along with your application and you gain both client drivers and local database storage with full access to features like Change Views and user security.

Award-Winning Change Tracking

Dramatically reducing the amount of data moved and lowering data costs, network traffic, server CPU demand, and disk I/O all add up to why the patent-pending Change Views is blazingly fast and improves data scalability. Without the need for log tables, triggers, special database users, or time-stamp fields, Change Views is exceptionally lightweight and fast and is built into the InterBase core to work on both server and deeply embedded versions of InterBase.

With InterBase®’s high performance and small size, the application is able to easily meet the demands of our clients. The performance is truly amazing.”

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