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Enjoy Best-in-Class Data Security With Interbase

InterBase® is a full-featured, high performance, ultrafast, encryptable, scalable and embeddable multi-platform relational SQL database with commercial-grade data security, disaster recovery and change synchronization for developers who are looking to embed a low-cost, zero-admin, secure database into their cross-platform connected applications. InterBase® has powerful security, disaster recovery, and journaling and support for popular database drivers for increased deployment flexibility.

InterBase® is one of the first enterprise-grade relational databases ever produced. Since its inception it is  based on a superior versioning architecture still unmatched by many popular databases. InterBase® offers database-leveltable-level, and column-level encryption. This means you can use encryption where it matters and keep CPU power consumption low, on both desktop and mobile.

Deploy Highly Advanced Security Features

InterBase is Secure

Cross-Platform Encryption

InterBase® runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. InterBase also supports heterogeneous OS connectivity across all supported platforms.

InterBase is Secure

Separate Security Login

Data visibility is defined by a specialist login to the database (SYSDSO) with column-level granularity that ensures even developers cannot bypass encryption to view and search for sensitive data

InterBase is Secure

Minimized Risk

Built-in granular column-level encryption drastically reduces risk of data breaches through requirement changes and product refactoring as your data layer (and not your application) manages data visibility

InterBase is Secure

Role-Based User Security

Define user security roles that align with job roles (Accountant, Accounts Manager, Sales, HR, etc.) to easily add or remove access to both data and change tracking across your system

InterBase is Secure

Encrypted Backups

InterBase® also supports a backup-specific encryption key that allows an encrypted backup to be created and answers the needs of those requiring command-line backups to be run via scheduling

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Rise to The Data Security Challenge: Creating Secure Database Applications Using InterBase

InterBase is...

InterBase is Secure


Cross-Platform Encryption
Separate Security Login
Reduced Exposure to Risk
Role-Based User Security
Encrypted Backups

Interbase is Self-Reliant


Independent Operation
Near-Zero Maintenance
Rapid Crash Recovery
Disaster Recovery

InterBase is Resilient


Live Backups
Distinguished Data Dumps
Fast Restores
Write-Ahead Logging
Point-in-Time Recovery


Small Footprint
Fast Install
Faster Data

InterBase is Efficient


Multi-Language Support
Cross-Platform Support
Server Data Storage
Local Data Storage
Single On-Disk Format


Log-Less Replication
Data Change Subscriptions
ChangeViews Data Tracking
Role-Based User Security
Early Fetch Data Deltas



Stored Procedures and Triggers
SQL-Based Performance Monitoring
Open-Standards-Based Database Connectivity
Multi-Gen Architecture/MVCC
Event Alerts

Benefit From Award-Winning Features

InterBase® won Total Telco’s IoT Award for “the most innovative use of data” thanks to its highly scalable patented Change Views technology, which ensures the fastest, simplest and most secure way to track changes to persisted data. Reconnect anytime to get personalized field-level changes for any user/device using standard SQL, and update remote cached data rapidly with small, context aware deltas!

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“We needed a solution that was easy to maintain remotely at a reasonable cost, but had all the features of an enterprise database. InterBase® is a lot easier to maintain [than Microsoft SQL] and is significantly less expensive. It is also fast, secure, works great between sites, and is near admin-free, lowering the total cost of ownership compared to MSSQL. InterBase® has enabled our developers time to focus solely on R&D rather than supporting existing laboratories databases. We can work on InterBase® with confidence because we can rely on its scalability.”

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